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With a drop in the outdoor temperatures, trees of all kinds begin to start shedding their leaves; and while the myriad colors of fall lend a very pretty look to the landscaping, homeowners find themselves spending a significant amount of time raking up leaves and removing them from various areas of their front and backyard. Not only can this task be time-consuming but it’s frustrating as well.

This is because during this season, it doesn't take long for the trees to shed their leaves again and you will find a layer of dry leaves strewn across your landscaping within a few days. The best way to avoid all the stress and strain of the job is to hire experts like us for all your landscape maintenance requirements, including leaf removal. We at Nature Bros Landscape Maintenance have been providing custom landscape maintenance services to clients in and around Turner, Salem, and Keizer.

The Problem Caused By Falling Leaves

Most trees have hundreds of thousands of leaves and these aren’t the only ones that shed them. The bushes and shrubs in your garden also shed their leaves. Interestingly, healthier plants and trees shed a larger number of leaves than poorly-maintained ones. It’s crucial that you clear all of these from your property quickly because rotting leaves can affect the quality of the soil and harbor insects.

If you have a large landscape or if the weather is very windy you will end up spending a lot of your leisure hours on weekends on raking up leaves. While many homeowners do own leaf removal equipment like leaf blowing machines or leaf vacuuming machines, these tend to cause a lot of damage to flower beds and other delicate plantings. Sometimes the vacuum machines suck in too much of the mulch spread in the landscape and that poses a problem as well.

Why Regular Leaf Removal Is Necessary

Letting leaves lie there on the lawns for extended periods of time encourages moisture saturation as well as rot and fungal infestations. All of these things can affect your plants and lawns in a big way. A certain amount of leaves lying around in the landscaping is a good thing because they decompose and turn into organic fertilizers for the plants. But excessive amounts of leaves just smother and block the sun’s rays from reaching the grass, which results in high acidity levels in the soil.

If you have cool-season grass growing on your property, you need to keep in view that these grow better in the fall and need more sunlight as well. Keeping all these areas free of leaves is one way to ensure your lawns get the amount of sunlight they need.

If you are looking for reliable and high-quality leaf removal solutions, you need look no further than Nature Bros Landscape Maintenance. We are the experts that work diligently, design customized plans and services to cater to your specific requirements. For any more information on our services and leaf removal cost, feel free to call us at 503-602- 3116 and discuss your project details with us. You can also send queries via this online form.

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